Why Samantha Brick’s Got It Wrong

by Lauren Caton

Samantha Brick

Over the past few days one woman has taken the internet by storm…Samantha Brick. If you are unaware Samantha is a journalist who wrote an article for the Daily Mail on 03/04/12 stating that ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty. Why women hate me for being beautiful.’

She went on to point out various scenarios that have happened in her life where strangers (men) have bought her flowers, paid for her drinks and even bought her train tickets just for being beautiful. She also single handedly targeted the whole of the female population by saying that women hate her for being beautiful which has left her without any female friends. You can read the full article here.

Well Samantha I’d like to say that in my opinion you’ve got it completely wrong. At half your age even I realise that your lack of female friendships has nothing to do with your looks. What you portrayed in your article was not self confidence but arrogance and no matter what your gender no one likes arrogance.

In my personal opinion Samantha Brick is average in the looks department, and despite what Ms Brick thinks that opinion is not formed from jealousy or my apparent ‘inner bitch’ that I have just because I am a woman. It’s plain and simply how I perceive her…average. She obviously takes pride in her appearance and at 41 she looks good there’s no denying it but she wouldn’t turn heads.

There’s nothing wrong with self confidence or looking in the mirror and thinking ‘you know what I look pretty good today’ we could all do with a good dose of that but we don’t all go writing articles about it. On 05/04/12 Samantha appeared on This Morning and presenter Eamonn Holmes stated that the hate from the article could be down to the fact that people don’t like been told that they should view someone as beautiful, they like to form their own opinions. I have to agree as we all view beauty in different ways.

After the huge backlash from Samantha’s first article she went on to write another (which you can read here) that claimed that all the negative comments just proved her theory right that women hate her for her looks, an opinion which she still stood by in the interview on This Morning.

Lets just step back a moment why is she still continuing to target women and only women when I read countless bitchy comments from men and read several tweets by male celebrities all of the same derogatory content that she’s accused women of saying? Yes there were a fair share of less than charming comments from women but many men as well as women pointed out that the problem of not having female friends was probably down to her attitude.

I mean let’s be fair any woman with an ounce of common sense would not want to date a man who had such a high opinion of himself and such an air of arrogance about him. So why the hell would we want to be friends with a woman with a personality like that? Also is it just me that thinks if the scenarios described did happen then some of the men probably had an ulterior motive for being so nice?

For me the problem with these articles by Samantha lays 100% with the fact that she seemingly has a terrible personality. I don’t choose my friends based on looks but on personality it just so happens that I find them lovely on the inside and out. I don’t have a problem with aesthetically pleasing woman as long as their personalities match.

Holly Willoughby on the cover of Cosmopolitan – April 2012

Take the April edition of Cosmopolitan magazine for example, Holly Willoughby graced the cover clad in leather and studs looking like the very definition of sexy but did this turn the vast majority of women in the country against her? No. For the simple reason that she comes across as a real girl’s girl, someone you’d want to be best friends with. Despite scoring herself 8 out of 10 for looks in the magazine, she does this with a quiet confidence that makes women love her even more. In short she’s an attractive woman with an even more attractive personality.

So Samantha if your personality was half as beautiful as you deem your looks to be then I’m sure you’d have a lot more female friends. After all we’re not all as bitchy as you’ve painted us to be.


4 Responses to “Why Samantha Brick’s Got It Wrong”

  1. could’nt agree more, I know lots of 40 plus women are are much more attractive, this is just an exercise in self promotion cos she has a new job on the Mail

  2. Good points. This woman is not able to be socialized with other people (btw: I disagree on one point: There are many women who do want to date an arrogant man). She think’s that all women are just jealous, I doubt it. I read a few other articles where she discribed how her husband pick all the clothes she should wear and that he always said “I’ll divorce you if you get fat” (even if he looks himself like a pig). A woman who takes all this and let her husband suppresses her, I can’t take her serious.


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